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Syvalion is a 1988 Arcade game by Taito, and the brainchild of Fukio "MTJ" Mitsuji, who is best known for creating the Bubble Bobble series, with music composed by Yasuhisa Watanabe and performed by Hisayoshi "OGR" Ogura, key members of Taito's in-house band Zuntata.

In the game players control the Syvalion, a multi-segmented dragon, and must navigate mazes full of enemies and obstacles. Syvalion is unique in that everything, such as the mazes themselves, BGM, enemies and bosses, are all chosen at random, making every gameplay different from one another. The game's story also changes, with a scenario being picked at random at the beginning and changing depending on the player's skill, leading up to one of 100+ different endings.

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Gigat Armax Xyzolog
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